6m / 19ft Electric Scissor Lift (5.8m Platform Height) 1932 / 0607


Electric scissor lifts suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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$ 250.0 0 Weeks

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    Construction, Event and longer terms rates available

    The above pricing excludes GST and add Insurance of 10%. Transport is quoted per quote depending on distance and weight

    5.8m Platform Height Scissor Lift Rental

    Are you tired of being stuck on the ground like a mere mortal? Do you yearn for the ability to soar to new heights with ease? Well, have no fear, the electric scissor lift is here!

    Say goodbye to climbing ladders or teetering on top of chairs. With our electric scissor lift, you can rise to the occasion without breaking a sweat (or your neck).

    Plus, no more shouting across the room to your colleagues, because now you'll be on their level - literally!

    But wait, there's more! With the electric scissor lift, you can finally fulfill your lifelong dream of being a human crane, voila - instant construction site hero.

    So what are you waiting for? Get your electric scissor lift today and start reaching for the stars (or at least the top shelf).

    Specifications (May Vary)